Moderator - posts not deleting

Hi All,

I’ve been made a moderator on a discourse-based platform. However, for some reason, posts I delete do not remain deleted.

By that I mean, they turn red. But when I refresh the page they appear as normal, as they do for other users/moderators.

As far as we can tell. My trust level and user settings are the same as the other moderators.

Here is the process I am using to 10/10 reproduce this issue:

  1. I click the kebab menu under a post
  2. I click the rubbish bin
  3. Post goes red and rubbish bin turns to a little undo symbol
  4. I click the ‘forum’ header to go back to the forum homepage
  5. Click the Thread. Scroll down to post…

No red outline. The post appears as it normally would.

If I refresh the page at point 4, the result is the same.

If I use the bulk delete function, the result is the same.

Thankful for any help on this issue.

This is interesting - are these your own posts or the posts of other community members? I looked around and its not entirely clear to me if theses posts should be deleted immediately (like when an administrator deletes a post) or if they should take ~1 day to be deleted.

Might be worth checking with the administrator what the value of the site setting is for
delete removed posts after
the default is 24 hours, but i think that’s for authors removing their own posts, so not sure if that would impact your specific case.

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This sounds a bit like a broken install to me.

They are community member posts. When other Mods on the forum delete a post it is instantly moved under a drop-down menu marked ‘hidden reply’. This functionality works fine for all of the other moderators, it seems to be only me that it is effecting.

Perhaps, but please, see above comments.

Do other moderators on your site report the same problem, or is this specific to you?

It is specific to me. However, it may be browser-specific as I can delete posts normally when using Firefox. The issue only seems to present itself on Chrome and MS Edge (Chromium).

Interesting, I wonder what the variable is? Have you tried in Chrome safe mode?