Delete a post that's no longer needed with moderation tools

As a moderator, I’d like to clean up a completed topic that has much noise so that it’s more useful to future readers:

  • merge useful information that’s scattered across many posts
  • delete the posts that are redundant/no longer needed

Of course, I’ll make sure to properly attribute each piece of useful information to its author.

I can do the first item by being able to edit any post. But I don’t see how I can do the latter. The only way I found is to flag them one by one and have another moderator handle the flags (since I cannot handle my own flags :wink: ).

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As a moderator, you can delete a post by clicking the post’s trach icon:


@Simon_Cossar There’s no such icon for me on another user’s post:

Are you a moderator on the forum, or are you a trust level 4 user?


Indeed, I’m a level 4 user now. I got a notification yesterday that I was granted moderation rights but it turns out, they took them back!


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