Moderators cannot moderate some categories?

There is one category that I would like moderators not to be able to moderate, nor delete messages. And it should only be me who gets the flags. Thank you very much or is there something similar?

Hi there Pandabear. I think what you are looking for are Leaders (Trust Level 4) as they can preform common moderator actions such as close, pin, merge etc but cannot handle flags or delete posts. However, this is site wide.

Another option at your disposal is Category Group Review/Moderation you can configure what categories they get to moderate. I think that would work better.

Hope this is helpful.


Thank you very much for your quick response.
That would be a good option, but the staff will always have the right to report all categories.
The only option would be to remove everyone from moderator and put them on level 4 from what I’ve read.

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yes, moderators can handle flags etc for all categories. I think that TL4 is best here but I’ll let you decide.

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