Moderators can't use "Bulk Add To Group" even if they're group owners

  1. Create an administrator account, a moderator account, and a staged account (e.g. by sending a private message to an e-mail address which is not associated with an existing user account)
  2. Create a group, set the moderator account as the owner
  3. Log in as (or Impersonate) the moderator account, and go to the group page

I thought “Bulk Add To Group” feature would be available:

  • Group owners can add new members
  • Moderators can see “staged” accounts, and create them by sending a private message to an e-mail address

Is this deliberate, or would y’all accept a patch to enable “Bulk Add To Group” for group owners who are also moderators?

We’d also like group owners to be able to add new subscribers by e-mail (ideally without the group owners having to be moderators, but so far all of the relevant group owners happen to be), so that people can start receiving e-mail for their list immediately, without having to sign into Discourse first.