Moderators should be exempt from similar post errors

As moderators and or category moderators we know this all so well.

The site connected with the forum goes down and then 20 first time users appear who don’t read anything, start a new post about how they have a problem.

OK, so as a moderator I read the post and reply to the first one to check the status page with the included URL. See the second post and want to copy and paste the reply to the other topic. Oh no, can’t do that because it is too similar. Well of course it is, it is not me posting the correct reply that is the problem it is all of the users who …

Please allow category moderators the right to repost the same reply over and over again as needed. I know there are canned replies but as poor moderators we can not add canned replies. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Maybe I am misunderstanding your post. :thinking:
I just make a staff post (with staff color) then also a staff notice on first post (OP). the post will be the latest one and if they haven’t visited the topic, they will see the notice on the OP.

I know you mean the repeat post thing. But as far as your scenario goes, that is what would I do in those very few cases.

I am only a category moderator on OpenAI not even a full moderator, so that option is out.

Also many of the users don’t pick the correct category or read anything we post, so have to respond to them directly.

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global pinned banner? sorry I can’t remember offhand what category mods have access to do in topics.

I use this so often it is bookmarked in my browser.