Issue with category permissions only for moderators

I dont know if this issue is for other type of users…but here are steps to reproduce for moderators.

  1. Install new forum and add few moderators at setup.
  2. Create a category and give permission to post only for moderators.
  3. Login as a moderator and try to post. New Topic option is disabled for moderators even though permission are available for them.
  4. Now login as a admin and revoke moderator permission and give him back again(instantly).
  5. Login as a moderator, now you will see New Topic option.

It is not a blocking issue but please look into this. thanks!

Which version are you running?

I’m using latest v2.3.0.beta8

@sat, I’m not able to reproduce this. I attempted the following:

  1. Navigated to and logged in as admin.
  2. Opened the create category modal.
  3. Gave the category a name
  4. Switched to the security tab
    1. Clicked Edit Permissions
    2. Removed the everyone permissions
    3. Added moderators Create / Reply / See
    4. Clicked “New Category”
  5. In a different browser, logged into try as a moderator.
  6. Navigated to the new “Mods Only” category.
  7. Successfully clicked on the “New Topic” button.

Besides not installing Discourse from scratch, do my steps differ from what you did in any way?

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He added moderators via the wizard?


Thanks Stephen, missed that.

Yeah, something is definitely off here. I re-ran the wizard on try and invited a moderator. Then I created a new category with the same steps as above. I then accepted the moderator invite, and I can’t even see the category in /categories. I’m definately a mod, though, as I can access the admin dashboard, admin user list, etc.


So the workaround (for now) would be to un-mod the person and re-mod them? Does that work?

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@nbianca can you investigate this.


Users are not in moderators / staff groups when invited from the wizard.

I submitted this PR to fix this: