Moderators with shared mailbox

Our brandnew forum has accounts for several admins and moderators. 5 moderators are using a shared mailbox in Outlook. Is there a way I can configure their accounts so that their secondary email is the shared mailaddress for that mailbox?

Currently I am getting this error when I try to set this up:
“There was an error changing your email address. Perhaps the address is already in use?”

An email address can only be linked to one user at a time.

If you’re looking for collaboration among moderators in a shared mailbox, maybe look at this if it suits your needs:

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Interesting feature, but as long as Outlook is not supported it does not help us at all.
So it’s good (well, not good, but good to know…) that this solution is not possible. I just need to update the users that they’ll check their inbox regularly and maybe redirect the incoming emails to another folder manually (via rule).

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