Email to Message Inbox?

Is it possible to configure Discourse so that I have an email address @ my Discourse domain which goes to my message inbox on Discourse?

Groups can be assigned email addresses to start new conversations, but not users. Discourse isn’t a replacement for a conventional mail server/client.

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That’s sort of true, but gets delivered to a group.

Sure, but is hosted at Google, not Meta. I’ve never had cause to email it, but it’s either a group which distributes mail to users, a mailbox which is accessed by multiple users, or an alias to a mailbox which is delivered by pop3 to a Discourse category or group inbox, right?

@rkaplan is asking for an email address at his discourse domain which goes to his mailbox. User mailboxes don’t support mail aliases, which is why I said that groups could have mail aliases, but not users.

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Nice, I didn’t know about this feature. For others who have a hard time finding it:

  1. Enable config setting “email in” under “☰ → Admin → Settings → Email”.

  2. Go to “☰ → Admin → Groups → <choose group> → Manage → Interaction” and set “Email: Custom incoming email address”.

    (This setting is not visible before enabling “email in” in the previous step.)

If the OP wants the email to message inbox feature only for a few users (say, staff members), it will be acceptable to configure it manually for each of these users. Then, the above technique together with groups with one member only are a suitable option.

The “custom incoming email address” of each group can still be set in format “Discourse username @ my Discourse domain”.