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:discourse2: Summary Minima - The goal of this theme is to reduce the UI and focus on the text.
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I’ve gone through and made text larger and removed just about anything redundant (and anything that I don’t use regularly). For example, I know that suggested topics are suggested topics, so I removed the header. I’ve used bulk select on the topic list maybe twice ever, so it’s gone. Views on the topic list? gone. Categories in the hamburger menu? gone.

You get the idea, here’s the theme.

For extra minimalness, I recommend using the Categories Only layout for the category page.

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Glorious serifs! I love it.

The desktop :hamburger: menu listing all the other themes seems odd to me, though.


I’m LOVING this theme, especially the topic list, amazing work :heart:

A couple of tiny issues in PM’s, a missing icon:

and I feel like the small size of the assigned text makes it hard to read, because the text has been made larger for just about everything else (Header, Suggested messages etc.)



I love it, although losing the theme switcher from the nav on mobile did cause a brief moment of panic!


One of my users is reporting the Minima theme (which I love very much) does not show the “Dismiss” button when there are unread messages. He verified that Dismiss wasn’t just disappearing because there were no unreads - he said he switched to Minima and back from another theme while showing unreads and the button did not show up.

Is there a setting I might be missing on this, or anything else I should check? Thanks!

I managed to finally reproduce it:


Default board theme



I’ve added the dismiss button back, you’ll just need to update the theme.


Thanks so much! I will check it out!

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Where can I find the Minima Dark theme?

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Mínima Dark is a copy of Minima but using the color scheme from Material Dark.


Hi, wondering if it’s possible to show the name in the topic list instead of username, when the option Prioritizing full name vs username in the UX is active.


It would be wonderful if we could separate the list of categories as per the white lines I added to demonstrate


I am following the guide on creating Themes (Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes) and it says that to change the templates (like removing the avatars in the listing), you need to touch the .hbr files in Discourse core.

Did you have to do this to remove the avatars? I am a bit confused as to how this theme works and how to use it.

As an example, in the Minima theme, how would I change the look and feel of the Profile page of each user?

Sorry if this is off-topic.


It depends on what you’d like to change. If you want to remove or restyle content, it’s likely you can do it with some additional CSS. If you’d like to add information or change the layout dramatically, then you’d need to edit template files.

In the Minima theme, I did edit the template for the topic list to reposition/remove some avatars. You can see that here: minima/desktop/header.html at main · discourse/minima · GitHub

If you’d like to use the Minima theme and add additional customizations, I’d recommend installing Minima and adding your customizations to it by creating a new theme component. This way you can still get updates to Minima without worrying about your changes being overridden.


Thanks, @awesomerobot - I will give this a try.

I have a follow-up on the same topic. When Discourse is updated and I need to update the software (assuming I am self-hosting), will this cause problems with themes where the templates have been modified? Or are they not dependent?

Have you experienced anything like this in the past?

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Using minima theme I can not archive direct messages (checkbox have disappeared).


I’ve just made an update to the theme that adds that functionality back in. Thanks for reporting it!


I’m using Minima as a basis for my theme, and I’m scratching my head at one thing: Where does this code come from?

<div class="byline">
    <a href="" data-user-card="joffreyjaffeux"><img alt="" width="20" height="20" src="" class="avatar" title="joffreyjaffeux" aria-label="joffreyjaffeux">joffreyjaffeux</a>

It disappears when I switch to the Light theme. Minima doesn’t have any javascript that might be manipulating the HTML. So confused!


I believe this is the avatar on top of the topic title


Yes I understand that. I found the code I quoted by inspecting the avatar. What I’m confused about is where the code comes from. It’s present in Minima, yet nonexistent (not just hidden in CSS) in the Light theme for example. What’s generating the HTML?

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Oh ok I understand better now

It comes from the header file :

It rewrites the topic list template.

Original template :