Modification when you hover over the topic

Good time of day.
Want to suggest such a thing


I can understand this behavior when I click on a topic and not hover. otherwise it will be too messy as one move the mouse in the page.

meanwhile, the click behavior may be useful as you won’t go out of the topic list and you won’t lose your position.

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the idea also normal

I’ve never found this to be genuinely useful on any forum with this feature. We’d definitely have to see it as a very popular #plugin before we’d even begin to consider supporting this feature in core.

I also showed a screenshot
I think this is very cool idea

Or as one doesn’t move the mouse.

I navigate largely by keyboard, which means I pay little attention to where my mouse cursor is resting. Having that kind of pop-up appear for no apparent reason would be both disconcerting and irritating, IMHO. I would definitely want an option to disable it for myself. On click - OK; but not on hover.