ModSecurity exceptions

Have someone installed Discourse behind nginx/Apache with ModSecurity and CRS v3?
Is there any known list of rules to disable or modify for Discourse?
For now we have disabled ~11 rules and I think that is not the end.

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Why would you use that?

Discourse is open source and with way more activity than ModSecurity, which sounds like something useful when put to front some black box web software.


I promise you this will end very badly for everyone involved. It is not a good idea.

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So you are telling me that introducing WAF will only create new troubles and Discourse doesn’t contain any vulnerabilities?

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Nobody can promise will full confidence that their software doesn’t contain vulnerabilities. We do however patch security issues promptly and responsibly when reported, and have a bug bounty program.

Having said that, ModSecurity is not the answer. You will have a very hard time if you choose to do this.

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Thank you for the answers. We will consider removing ModSecurity.