Moonclaw Theme port

I got around to porting an old favorite phpbb theme this weekend for my forum, for nostalgia’s sake. I’ve cleaned it up and thought I’d share it here - Let me know what you guys think!

Installation: Add to your themes, and picking “Moonclaw” as your color scheme. Colors aren’t yet customizable just yet, as many have been hardcoded to get this out the door quickly.




Install guide

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Very nice, bringing some good memories :slight_smile: . Feels perfect for an rpg community / wow clan etc.


Hey @featheredtoast
Thanks a lot for the cool theme :fire:

I want to convey the following bug when creating a new topic:

As you see, the right-side preview pane has become very small because of the large padding sizes for the icons in the formatting toolbar. I don’t have this issue with other themes. (Yes, I have added some extra icons to the toolbar using a plugin)

Can you please look into this?

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Are you sure? Adding that many icons to the composer toolbar will cause the same issue on any theme. So, there’s really nothing to fix in this here.

The issue here is that you’ve added too many icons to the toolbar. If you need all of that functionality, then consider moving some of it to the gear menu in the composer.

Screenshot from another theme:

You can see that it has the same number of icons as in my first screenshot.

I was able to get it working by removing the padding from btn CSS class. (Not sure if that’s specific to d-editor-button-bar class)

It now exactly matches with that of other themes.
Can you please make this fix on the theme and push it, if this is the right thing to do? @Johani

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The issue here is still the same. You’ve added too many buttons to the composer toolbar. That breaks the composer layout on both narrow desktop viewports and on mobile - on any theme.

This theme was designed for the default Discourse layout. If your site requires a lot of extra buttons, then it’s up to you to fix it. I think you’ve already figured out how to do it :+1:

If you need to override the CSS in this theme, then create a theme component with those overrides and add it to your theme.


It’s me you want - Johani doesn’t even have access to my theme! :wink:

If you could get it to target just the buttons on the d-editor-button-bar class, I’d take the change. Otherwise, you would lose all the border stylings everywhere!

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Can you please do the change when you can find some time? @featheredtoast
I’m not a front-end guy, so I could mess things up easily. :slight_smile:

Try it now