More Descriptive Topic Titles under "Latest"?

Forgive me if this has been brought up before or if this is in the works already (I would love to know if it is) but what about having more information displayed with each topic title under “Latest” (for example)?

While I’m a fan of Discourse’s super clean mobile style, I think it might benefit from including a preview of the latest post with each topic title…I find TapaTalk’s method quite effective which is…

Username posted in Forum Name
Topic Title
Subject Preview

Now I’m not suggesting Discourse implement that exact format but I would really like to see a quick summary of the latest post under “Latest” or under something else like “Preview” (for a lack of a better name) or under any relevant top menu option…Simply seeing topic titles and only a number (or word) to indicate new posts doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to see what’s happening in a Discourse-powered community…Especially when accessing via mobile…I find TapaTalk’s current “TIMELINE” stream very effective at providing just enough of the right info for me to understand what’s going on and to decide whether or not to read more…Thoughts?

No thoughts on this yet…?

No one else would like to see a bit more info presented with topic titles when listed under “Latest” for example…?

Is this a dead horse issue?

Well, having topic “excerpts” has been discussed, but IIRC is a no go because the “endless scroll” introduces major resource expense.

What other “more information” did you have in mind? Got any mock-up screen caps?

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Thanks for the response!

Time is precious on mobile and having to enter / load a whole topic just to see the last post doesn’t seem very efficient.

Is it not possible to add the first few words from the last post below the topic title like so…?

Category | Topic Title | new / # / | Time
Username | Preview

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Mittineague -> Well, having topic “excerpts” has been discussed…

Sorry for the lack of a proper mock-up at this time but try to imagine the above example with a similar use of current font sizes and colors…As for “->”, I think an icon of some sort that connects the username and the post preview would be a good idea…Something to immediately communicate that this excerpt comes from this user…Thoughts?

Is this possible?

I guess it would be easy enough to have excerpts for the topics loaded in the initial page load (default 20?)
AFAIK the big problem would be getting excerpts for those topis loaded “on the fly”

Do you think excerpts for only the first 20 (?) topics would be a good enough compromise?
i.e. a “better than nothing”