"More Topics" container "Suggested" or "Related" selected item border intrudes into elements below it

Hi there, this issue is even more noticeable on my own instance, but it’s also visible here on Meta:

I worked around it for now with:

.more-topics__container .nav li .btn { /* Private messages "Related" and "Suggested" selected border was intruding into elements below */
    padding: 0em .65em;
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I’m afraid I can’t repro this on meta.

Do you still see the issue?

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Hi there, thanks for looking into this. Yes, I do still see the issue:

With Chromium:

With Firefox:

I suspect that the issue has something to do with very specific font size and/or font scaling settings at the OS level. I saw something similar with this bug report:

The difference in this case with the “Suggested” or “Related” border is that changing the zoom level and/or my OS text scaling value to normal defaults makes no difference.

Hmm, I also tried playing with zoom and font-size, including on firefox, but no luck so far (to repro)…