Most popular plugins?

Hi. I was wondering if there’s a way to get a better sense of what are the most popular plugins. Looking for opportunities to enhance the UX with some additional features.

Are people still using Retort? Has it evolved? Was thinking of activating it for our community.


If it’s really popular it gets pulled into Discourse proper. See The Dark Side of Extensions


Thx @codinghorror. Agree for the most part. I’d argue that a community geared towards work interests would have different needs from a community for fun / entertainment.

I wouldn’t expect Signatures or Retort to be pulled into Discourse proper.

Is Retort still being supported? Any active communities using it for reactions?

Any other plugins worth considering?

The plugins that are requested / used the most on our hosting are:

  • data-explorer
  • sitemap
  • solved
  • staff-notes
  • chat-integration
  • patreon
  • adplugin
  • canned-replies
  • voting
  • assign
  • events
  • babble
  • locations
  • translator
  • whos-online
  • topic-previews
  • various oauth plugins