Move create topic to the top

Would it be great if we can move the create new topic button to the top and make it already completely visible?
That everybody could see for example this:

and then a dropdown for more info just like now the ‘create a new topic’ on the bottom
that’s a few less clicks :wink:

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That’s how it works already, visit any category and you’ll see the new topic button at the top.

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not quite what i had in mind :wink:
Now i have the material design theme with the button in the bottom right.
Is it possible to make it like this, this is what i mean.

There are topics here about adding a new topic button to all pages. Try a search.

You can disable that part of the material design theme via CSS or you can install this component:

I have no idea how it works associated to the material design theme, it’s a nice experiment to do :wink:.