Is there any way to make "create topic" a stand-alone page?

I’ve searched this forum and google and I’ve searched for components, but didn’t find an answer, so… here’s my question :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there is an option/component/approach to have the “new topic” button link to a new page that is solely focused on creating a new topic? I find the bottom sheet UI approach rather messy, as in addition to the new topic form, instructions and “similar to” info, you still have the entire page visible. behind it (which is of no use most of the time). If not a new page, any easy ways to make it more like a modal, like with a darkened background etc.?

Thank you for your help!

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There is a roundabout way. This is a theme component which I had commissioned to put a new topic button in the header that can be customized for links:

And then you can use the custom wizard plugin to create topics. Here’s an example of one of mine, it’s multi-page but gets you the idea:

This can be further simplified and you could have it simply be a composer window with category and tags: