Moving a sub-category to its own category

I have a sub-category that is getting out of control. The posts are on a very broad range of topics. I would love to be able to move this sub-category out of its parent to make it its own category to enable me to filter topics into their own sub-categories. I only see an option to change the parent. Am I missing something?

I could create a new topic then move the posts but I really don’t want to break all the existing search engine links and linked topics.

Do you not see “No category” as one of the parent categories?

Thanks for the reply. No, I do not get that option.

@codinghorror, why did you change “it’s” in the title to “its”. “It” ownes the category and the ’ is used to show possession.

Edit: I just looked it up, both forms of the word are correct. I left it as your version.

Edit2: I was completely wrong.

No, “it’s” is incorrect here. It is also incorrect in several places in your first post but I left those.


Haha, thanks for the lesson man. I have some reading to do.

I was exactly backward in the usage actually.


That’s very weird! Can you open the parent category dropdown and post a screenshot of the page?


Sure. I will post it when I get home tonight. Thank you for taking the time to try to help.

Here is the top of the list

and the bottom of the list

What happens when you select Select a category... and save?


I have been scared to to that… I’ll make a backup then try. Be right back…

OMG that worked. Thanks for the help. Do you know if all the posts have been symlinked to the new location?

Edit: I just tested a few links and they still work. My community thanks you @fefrei!

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No links should be necessary – the URLs for topics are not specific to the category the post is in :slight_smile:

This text might need some editing – in the German translation, I see something like “no category” as the top entry, which makes a lot more sense…


Ahh, got ya.

I did notice another issue though, latest posts for the moved category are still listed under the old parent. Is there a way to refresh this or just wait until it gets populated with new ones?

Did you rename or otherwise mess with “uncategorized”?

Not that I am aware, I just removed its parent.

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Oh, do you mean the parent in the stock build? I’m trying to remember back when I built the forum. I do not have a category named “uncategorized” if that is what you are asking.

Edit: I started a new thread for this new issue. Thanks for the help!