Problem switching parent categories?

(Jono Bacon) #1

Hi All,

Experiencing a strange issue. This is for a client, so I have to be a little generic. Current Discourse version is v2.0.0.beta4 +87

I have a number of parent categories such as A, B, C, D, and E.

For category C I have about 8 subcategories. I want to change their parent to be A, so I go into the category settings. When I click the parent category box, I can see all the parent categories other than A.

Any idea why one of my categories may be missing in the parent categories box?


Did you rename Uncategorised? (Could be unrelated but it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot as you noted so I’ll throw [ideas] at the wall).

(Jono Bacon) #3

You know what, I think I did.

If I renamed it does that mean it can’t have sub-categories?

(Daniela) #4

Nope, Uncategorized is not a real category and does not behave like a normal category.
Rename the Uncategorized(A) to something else
Create a new category A and then you can change the parent from C to the new A.