Moving discourse with S3 uploads to a new server


I am trying to move discourse to a new server.
New installation is Ok, but I cannot import the backup.
Backups and uploads are stored on S3.
I can access backups or upload them to the server but can’t restore it.

In the log I get this;

[2019-06-19 08:18:37] Clear theme cache

[2019-06-19 08:18:37] Extracting uploads...

[2019-06-19 08:18:38] Migrating uploads to S3...

[2019-06-19 08:18:38] Restore process was cancelled!

[2019-06-19 08:18:38] Trying to rollback...

For some of the reasons, one of the backups worked but only once.

Here is the difference;

Create a backup without uploads and try to restore it on the new server. That should work because the uploads are already on S3.

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I did it but when I run the same “good” back up again get the same problem.