Moving posts break internal links

If I link to a post that subsequently gets thread-split to a new location, that link becomes semi-broken. It’d be great if these links could get updated retroactively — discourse knows about the link and the targeted post even carries with it the appropriate backlink.


which links to

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Ah, sorry about that. It would normally have a small action post as a bridge, but that was a bit of a messy state to leave that particular topic in. I had been manually tidying up the backlinks/references as I went but I must have missed a couple.

I think it would be good if everything worked automagically, as a direct link to the proper post is a lot better than going to a bridging small action post (if one still existed) and then following that to the current topic, but I don’t know how easy that would be to do?

I’m not sure this can be classed as a bug though, as I think it’s working as expected. I’ll slide this over to feature. :+1:


Yeah, I totally appreciate the new data & reporting category and the cleanup work you did there! I just think that the software shouldn’t break its own links by default (or require even more meta-cleanup from moderators).

Amusingly, I’m simultaneously having an internal discussion about the blurry and biased line between a bug and a feature and how users see the line differently from developers… and I must admit I submitted this as a “bug” with a grin, knowing it’s a perfect example of a missing feature that pretty much looks like a bug… so sorry for making you do that extra re-categorization I knew would end up happening, hah!