Edit link to replied-to post after move

I have kind of a situation here. In short, I had to move a reply that was made to a post in topic A, to another topic B. Then for various reasons it made sense to remove the post that was replied to, which had the URL of /t/14/18.

In topic B, the reply that I moved has an auto-generated link to the replied-to post (that no longer exists), and that link has the original URL of /t/14/18. If I hit that link or go to that URL I’m redirected to what seems to be the closest active post in topic A that has an ID as close as possible to the original replied-to ID 18. Before I removed a second post I was redirected to /t/14/17, but after removing that one I am not redirected to /t/14/19 instead.

This is where my problem happens - that post /t/14/19 makes no sense for the reply in topic B, and I would like to edit the link in that reply so it instead points to e.g. /t/14/16. But I can’t find a way to edit the link, as it’s an auto-generated one, presumably stored somewhere in the system.

Is there a way to fix this? Or if not, can I at least delete the auto-generated link so I can manually add a reference at the top of the reply post in topic B?


  1. Go to the thread where the reply was posted originally before you moved it (“thread A” in your case).

  2. Find the post that states you have split the topic and moved a post to another topic. It will say something like:

    [username] SPLIT THIS TOPIC […] AGO
    A post was merged into an existing topic: Thread B Topic Title

    You may have hidden / deleted it already, in which case click “VIEW 1 HIDDEN REPLY” to see it again.

  3. Edit that post and delete the link to thread B in it. This will remove the auto-generated link that had appeared in your thread B.

Explanation: these auto-generated links are like “backlink indicators” in WordPress: they point back to the topic that contains a link to the current topic. By removing that link as shown above, the auto-generated link also disappears automatically.