Moving posts: the input focus shifts when searching for a topic to move a post to as typing

I try to move selected posts to existing topic. When I type the first symbol in the search field, the focus is moved to radiobutton.

I would like to keep focus to allow type the whole pattern 36122 as show below:

As a result, this behavior creates a lot of fake search terms in Trending Search Terms admin panel, adding 3, 36, 361, 3612, 36122:


UPD: 2023-11-16T08:12:00Z - Recent searches at the main page is affected as well:


Search as typing should be disabled OR Search should start after some delay?

Hey there @Ivan_Rapekas, thanks for the report. I have just submitted

which will fix the focus issues as well as properly debounce the topic title search so we don’t muddy your search logs.