Moving tagged topics does not prompt to add required tag for new category

Good day

I have a category one and a category two (ok, in real life I have more but I do not think that that makes a difference).

For category one, exactly one tag from taggroup A is required and tags from other taggroups X, Y and Z are optional.

For category two, exactly one tag from taggroup B is required and and tags from taggroups A, X, Y and Z are optional.

I can create a topic in category one with one required and two optional tags as expected. Next I move this topic from category one to category two. Expected behaviour is that it will throw an error if the user does not specify the required tag from taggroup B. It however does not do that and the topic in category two ends up with a missing required tag :frowning:

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Yeah, I’m seeing this too with moderators moving topics.

We will get this sorted some time in the next 4 weeks. I added an internal tag to prioritize.

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Thanks @sam

I’m a new user here so please forgive me if I ask impertinent questions. Does this apply to just this bug or to all (or at least most) bugs that have been reported related to tagging? E.g. I’ve reported 4 bugs related to tags in the last 10 days

  1. Limiting tags to categories not working as expected
  2. Editing topics with tag groups from parents allows incorrect tagging
  3. Tags from multiple tag groups required only suggest "select at least one tag"
  4. This topic

Please note that I’m not trying to push issues that I raise to the top; there might be far more important issues that need attention. I’m just curious.if, while the team is at it, they will try to iron out all / most of them?

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hopefully we can get to all of them, we will let you know.



This issue and the other ones should be fixed in


This issue is solved :+1:

Before move

Move; do not change tags

Clicking the tag dropdown

I’ll just need to inform moderators of the additional step to check the tags; they will not be amused :wink: