Limiting tags to categories not working as expected

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I have a number of tag groups

  1. official-processor-boards containing tags boardA, boardB and boardC etc; setting is “limit to one tag from this group”.
  2. other-boards-and-processors containing tags boardD and BoardE etc; setting is “limit to one tag from this group”.
  3. all-processor-boards containg the above boards; setting is “limit to one tag from this group”.
  4. misc containing various other tags.
  5. a couple of other tag- groups with various tags.

I have various categories; in some of those categories I need to limit the tags that the user can choose. For some of the categories, the user should choose one tag from all-processor-boards and one or more tags from misc.
Unfortunately this does not work as expected. After selecting a tag from all-processor-boards as well as from misc, the user can select other tags from both tag groups.

If I change the tag-group for the category from all-processor-boards to official-processor-boards or to other-boards-and-processors, it works as expected and after selecting the first two tags the user can only select from the misc category.

I’ve gone a couple of times over the tag-group settings for the relevant groups and they are the same; I have deleted the tag groups and tags and (after some renaming) reloaded the CSV files (one for each tag group).

The same problem shows up if I replace misc by one of the various other tag-groups (item 5 above) and applies to all categories.

The below may be relevant:
I have a hidden category that contains all tag-groups so I’m forced to be specific with tag groups for all categories.

Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance. Below some screenshots.




Just to check, are you testing with a test user? I believe admins and moderators can bypass these limits, so it may give misleading results if you’re using your own account.


Thanks for the reply

This user is not a moderator nor an admin. I’m not sure which trust level (I battle to translate badges to trust levels) but it should be low (TL0 or TL1).

I did forget to add the settings for the misc tag group. Below


I’ve removed all tags and tag groups and started from scratch with the same idea; still the same problem.

I’ve also removed all tag groups from the hidden category.

After removing other-boards-and-processors and official-processor-boards I can use all-processor-boards as expected.

Discourse does not seem to like tags shared between multiple tag groups. Did I find a bug?

Hmmm :thinking: I think I may be seeing the same.

Let me see if I can simplify a repro so someone can take a look.

  • Create Tag Group A - with tags alpha, beta, gamma
  • Create Tag Group AB - with tags alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon

Both tag groups have ’ Limit one tag per topic from this group` checked.

  • Create Category 1 with these tag settings:

  • Create a topic in this category with a TL1 user


Based on the above settings, in the tag selection I would only expect to be allowed to choose 1 tag from Tag Group AB


Selecting either delta or epsilon would allow me to also choose either alpha, beta, or gamma as well.

Choosing alpha, beta, or gamma would not permit a second tag choice.


I’ve found a work-around that will work if the number of tags in a group is small. Instead of restricting a category to the specific sub group, specify the specif tags that are in the full group.

It can become a maintenance nightmare because adding a new tag to the full group now involves also adding the new tag to every category where it is needed.

For now I can live with that.

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I’ve roped in someone else to try and untangle this too, so hopefully we’ll get some extra clarity and maybe even a solution. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


This issue should be resolved in


Unfortunately I can not do a thorough test on this one; a quick test seems to show that it is fixed.