Moving topic to different category breaks rendering of uploaded images

Very weird situation: I posted a topic with an image in category A. When I move the topic to category B, the image in the post was no longer rendered but instead, the image path was displayed (just like in the editor). Trying to upload the same or another image to that post leads to the same result. What’s more, uploading images to posts is now broken on the entire site. Images seem to upload fine but only the path is displayed.

I tried rebuilding HTML but to no avail.


  • the image was embedded as a float using [floatl] ... [/floatl]
  • I have the translator plugin activated and the text of the post was in a different language than both the site and my user locale
  • the category name of category B contains an ampersand (&) though the slug is a single word

This is so weird, I don’t even know where to start debugging. Or to get things working again (do I need to rebuild for this?)

UPDATE: there is no error in the error logs and there are no dead jobs in /sidekiq

UPDATE 2: OK, I found the black sheep: it was @BlackSheep’s abbreviation plugin. When I deactivated it, things worked again.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have “app” defined as an abbreviation in the plugin’s settings and the word app appeared in that post that cause the trouble?

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