One category image suddenly is missing

So I can’t say exactly when this happened, but at some point recently the category image for Crash Reports - Stonehearth Discourse can no longer be found. The image no longer appears in the category edit view, and the image is linked here:

Nothing useful in the console (just the 404 error), and site logs don’t show anything either.


@zogstrip can you have a look?

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Sorry about that. Due to a bug when storing the background & logo images of the categories, that image was “cleaned up”.

Do you have it (if so you can just re-upload it) or should I dig our backups to get it back?

NOTE: I added a migration to ensure we fix everyone.


I think so, give me a few minutes to check.

Edit: @zogstrip I found it - re-uploading now. In any case, we really need to overhaul the images, they’re so…well…inconsistent and all have different sizes.

Edit 2: I just uploaded it - will it be an issue that we don’t have that fix deployed?

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I manually applied the fix to your Discourse. You’re good uploading new images :wink:

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