MP4 files not working on Chrome

Hi there,

When I try to play any .mp4 file on forum it works fine just if I am using Safari, but it doesn’t work if I am using Google Chrome. Can someone take a look and do a test as well?

Here you have an example: Early Access to Electromagnetic Simulation - News & Announcements - SimScale CAE Forum

If you open it using Safari, it works. But if you open the video in the link with Chrome, it doesn’t work.

Any hints please?

I was able to download it and then play it in Chrome (so it’s not obviously a codec issue), but I was unable to upload it to test it on my own site. It just froze at uploading 100%.

It could be that something about that file is incompatible with the embedded player.


Hi @pfaffman,

Thanks for your help. I just uploaded that video using Safari. In this case, what should be a good approach to solve it? Delete the video and then upload it again, now using Chrome to upload that?



Oddly, on Firefox on Ubuntu I’m seeing this:

On Chrome I get the same results as Jay.

MP4 files uploaded to my Discourse site using the Chrome browser work without issues on Chrome and Firefox.

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Thanks for testing @simon !

What you think could be a solution to this? I ask because using Safari it is working well, so I have no idea on how to figure it out.


I remember seeing a similar issue in some other context in which files created with the Mac didn’t work in other places. (And now that I see that, it sounds really sarcastic, but it’s not meant to be.)


@pfaffman ,

Thanks. I will try to upload all video files using a windows laptop and then cross my fingers. I will update here if this works.
BTW, is there any workflow to make a .mp4 video playing automatically and in a loop (e.g.: like a GIF was meant to be) on that forum page?

Appreciate your help,

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