Full screening .mp4 videos fails on Chrome

Sample .mp4 video: Niclas Lucenius - Ex-Tapparat - Tappara.co

On Chrome browsers (Android, desktop), if you click on the video player to make it full screen, the full screen players closes after a second and the user is bounced to a different location in the topic. This is very similar what was seen with YouTube earlier, but YouTube still works.

This is not-repro on desktop Firefox, so could be Chrome specific.

Our setup runs on 1.9 stable branch.

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Seems to work better on Try. Has this been fixed/improved in the 2.0 branch?



I am facing the same issue today in Windows desktop Chrome for imgur video onebox

Yes, it looks better here. I think the issue is happening when the topic have more than 20 posts. In that case it is automatically navigating to 20 posts before.

There’s a very long standing bug here with going fullscreen on YouTube videos as well, that was basically impossible to fix due to browser quirks. A meta search should pick it up.

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