Multi-Site Wordpress with single-site Discourse

I’m trying to implement Discourse commenting on a multi-site WordPress install. The basic idea is to have all of the posts on all of the sites publish to a single aggregated Discourse install, and have the Discourse discussions post back to the comments of the corresponding blog that posted the original content. This is to be accomplished via the WordPress Discourse plugin

I am migrating (in theory) from bbPress, and basically trying to replicate the function of the bbPress Topics for Posts plugin.

WordPress Multisite



  • WP Discourse plugin (configured at site level, not network level)
  • all sites publishing posts to as expected
  • corresponding Discourse topics correctly flagged categoryONE, categoryTWO, etc.
  • SSO w/ endpoint

It seems like this concept might not be possible when I get to the point of the Embed settings at:

If I understand correctly, this setup would require multiple embeddable host fields to tell Discourse which site to post the comments back to.

Is there a way to get this to work as currently conceived? If not, what would I need to change? Discourse Multisite seemed to be geared toward a setup with discreet forums for each WP site/sub-site.


When using the wordpress discourse plugin you do not need to complete the
embed section on the discourse forums. That is for static blogs.


If I understand you correctly: the embeddable hosts file is not required, and if the posts from are being published to (Discourse), replies on that topic should be sent/synced back to the comments section on

Current status: (not working as desired)

  • no replies posted back to comment section
  • “Start the discussion at” in comments section (currently entered in embeddable host) (works)

  • “Notable Replies” posted back to comment section
  • “Continue the discussion at
  1. Is there a way for users to comment at the blog(s), and have that echoed back to
  2. Why might not be functioning like [RESOLVED] settings:

At some point, I must have disabled comments and the option to toggle them on and off per post.

Fixed with:
Screen options…

Screen options > Comments

Discussion > Allow comments.

Still looking for a way to fully comment on the blog(s) and have it echo back to Discourse.