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To everyone who has reached out to me recently about getting category and tag translations to work, i.e. the features described here:

You’ve reached out at the right time :slight_smile: A client of Pavilion’s is actually looking to get that functionality working on current Discourse so @merefield and I will be working on it in May/June. We’ll post an update here when it’s ready.

This is not currently a feature of the plugin, but it could be added in the future. Please see the documentation on this, in particular the bolded part below. That is what the integration with the Translator plugin currently does.

Discourse Translator sync

If you have:

  1. the Discourse Translator Plugin installed;
  2. the Translator Plugin enabled;
  3. the Multilingual Plugin enabled; and
  4. content languages enabled

you can enable multilingual translator content tag sync (you won’t be able to enable it unless all four things are true).

The sync automatically applies the detected language of posts in a topic as content languages, as long as the detected language matches a content language enabled on your site.



When I activate this plugin, my old tags have error “Internal server error”
I have this error when check to choose tags in editor for new post.


I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and get back to you.


I also found some problems with tags here:


@cmdntd This issue has been addressed, and the plugin is safe to use again. Thanks for your report.



When I use this plugin, option “force lowercase tags” is failed.
I do not check this option, but all tags are changed to lowercase text.

Could you check this, please?


Hi, I set option “multilingual require content language tag

But it is just required for me (admin). It do not require other users for language tag.
Could you check this, please?

I 've checked again. It is ok now


Glad you figured it out :+1:

Just a note that @merefield is working on this plugin right now, both bug-fixes and the Custom Translations features. This work is due to be completed by the end of June.


OK, language fans, we have merged a couple of fixes, and hope the plugin is more useful now:

Those that wanted support for languages with mixed-case codes should now have it:

@4ong please confirm if this resolves your issue

A bug that allowed Language Content Tags to appear in the Tag page undesirably should now be fixed:

As part of our renewed focus on ensuring these issues don’t pop up again, we’ve gone to the effort of including tests to cover these specific scenarios.

As ever please update and let us know if you are seeing any issues with these scenarios.


Yes. I’m so glad! Thanks!


Hello. I would very much like to be able to translate the description of categories. Translation of only category names is almost useless


Wouldn’t the Translate plugin handle that since the About description is actually treated as a topic.


This is not quite what you need for a multilingual forum. The category page will display the description without translation. At the same time, additional calls through the API through Google Translate require more costs.


This is currently being worked on by @merefield.


It’s a good news. Will the plugin be able to translate subcategories with multiple levels of nesting?

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I have another question. Will the category URLs be different for each language or the same?

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This plugin caused a serious error when upgrade discourse to newest core ( 2.9.0.beta7)
Discourse can not work until I remove this plugin.

Could you check this, please?
@Angus McLeod

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A PR to resolve the critical issue was merged yesterday.

Apologies for the instability, this plugin has had some very significant work done over last month or so.

This work is now largely complete.


Slugs are not affected

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After the many improvements to this plugin in the past months (thank you!), the language tags don’t appear on the /tags page. Frankly, I don’t remember whether they appeared before, nor I know whether this is expected, accidental, or just a configuration glitch in our forum.

The request to show language tags on the /tags page has been requested by one of our users on Show language tags on the Tags page - Forum improvements - Movement Strategy Forum