Multiple communities on discourse?

I’ve been trying to learn if, and how, it is possible to run a few related but separated communities on discourse and can’t find the information I’m looking for. We are considering moving our host to Discourse but again, can’t get the information to see if our needs will get answered. Please advise. Thank you!

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anything is possible, you just got to figure it out.

your different communities, can be separated by different categories and or different group usage.

If you can share your ideas or insight on your plans, then someone like me can give you a more in-depth suggestions.


Sure. You could do that.

What is your question? Is there some feature that you need that worked somehow help with this? Do you want term to share a user database?

Maybe you want to know about Multisite configuration with Docker?


If you could provide a few more details we can help. Do the communities need to be managed by separate admin teams or just one?


Thank you everyone for your answers.

We will soon have two communities, in the same company but centered around a different subject. They will be managed by the same team of admins. We also need to be able to supply different links of registration for each community. One of the communities is already existing. Any ideas?

You can create invite links that will add users to a specific group upon redemption:

Both @pfaffman and I have third party extensions that will set a category ‘homepage’ depending on group membership.

See Custom Homepage for Groups and User-specific Discourse home page - #4 by merefield

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Then why are we both maintaining them!!??!? Oh, because they work entirely differently. I like your solution better, because it doesn’t require a fiddly group-to-page mapping, but it probably wouldn’t work for the group that I developed it for (because everyone has access to all categories, they just like one more than the others), so I guess mine is OK too. :wink:


I like your solution because it’s Theme Component :slight_smile: