Multiple Exclamation Points

Is there some sort of trick I can use to get more than three exclamation points in a row?

We use anime titles for our thread titles and lately there have been a few with several exclamation points, but Discourse only allows three.

Examples link to the information pages to show how they should look

  1. Keijo!!! (which has 8 exclamation points)
  2. Teppen!!! (which has 15 exclamation points)

I understand not wanting everyone to be able to put multiple exclamation points (or question marks, for that matter), but was wondering if there was some trick to get it to work in just these instances.

Thank you.

How about !!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​!!!​


#8203; is a zero-width space.



Oh my gosh!
This is just what I needed, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Thanks so much @pfaffman

Question: does that also work for the thread title?



Hi, this comes from the title prettify parameter:



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