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Dear Discourse,
I am a new user, and I hope you can help me with the following. We need an online forum where when posting a new topic, posters have to (mandatory) choose tags or categories from 3 different classifications. From each 3 classifications at least 1 option has to be chosen, multiple should be possible.
Is it possible to set up Discourse this way for creating new topics?
We then want users to be able to select various combinations from those 3 classifications to bring up a list of topics that is of interest to them (preferably with a fixed URL for each combination that they can save and come back to).
Is it possible to set up Discourse this way for viewing topics?
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You are describing quite fundamental use of tags. That filtering will be done using advance search.

You can set a group of tags and use it as selection of mandatory tags. But… Discourse gives zero guidance to users and they must know what tag/tags use — and that is a big issue.

thanks for the reply!
So regarding the new topics: could there be a selection window for each tag, with the tags they can choose from for that classification? So 3 separate selection windows for these 3 tags?

Regarding visualizing it: i just tried out the Advanced search, each advanced search does have a unique URL, so that’s great but I would quite like to have an interface where people could select the tags on the left in the various categories, kind of like here. Is that possible with Discourse?

In terms of viewing topic lists determined by a combination of tags, I recently built a widget for the Layout plugin which is arguably significantly simpler than visiting advanced search.

Intersections of tags have their own url which you could save.

The intersection route is native to core discourse so you don’t need a widget to get to it but it makes it more friendly.

You can see a demo of it at

wow, that’s actually really close to what we would want to set up. In our installation we would need:

  1. to be able to combine multiple tags with “OR” within one category, e.g. “cargo” and “pve” in your tag group “2. game loops”
  2. to be able to combine different groups of tags with “AND”, e.g. to get all topics that are tagged “guides” from “1. useful” AND tagged “cargo” from “2. game loops”.
  • to combine these two, e.g.: to get all topics that are tagged “guides” from “1. useful” AND (tagged “cargo” OR “pve” from “2. game loops”)

Also, after clicking a tag, we would like the selection window on the right to remain in the screen.

Is this possible with your widget?


Only does intersection currently

sorry what does that mean…? edit: no worries just figured it out, just the “AND” function, correct?

i have a feature request (besides adding an “OR” function also) :slight_smile: :
it would be cool if you could sort the results of an intersection, e.g. if you could sort this page:

by “latest”, or “top”, or other sorting categories

I spammed you Github account with feature requests :slight_smile: thanks for developing this great widget, curious to see how it develops further!

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