Multiple Patreon creators in one forum

I was thinking if you could improve more than one patreon link.

An example:

  • my community likes some softwares we created
  • like community we have a patreon link (via patreon plugin) where users can support us
  • but we have 2 (or more) softwares in development and some users want to support the software A and another group want to support the software B
  • via site-setting I can add new patreon links, one for “my community software A” and another one for “my community software B” and so on…
  • in the dedicated page for patreons now I can see 3 buttons (the bigger “Support community”, the second “Support Software A” and the last “Support Software B”)

In this way users are encouraged to support the project which they prefer.

I’m using software and project like example, in the same way I can support a developer, an author or a group of them (approved by admins).

Here on Discourse for example, users can support the plugins (or the developer) they like.
In a community of gamers users can support a game etc…

I don’t know if this is possible but it would be interesting to have a similar function.

That’ll definitely have to wait until a later iteration. First we gotta nail the experience of a community connected to a single Patreon project.

Absolutely, the example I expose is something I was thinking can happens in the future. It’s only an idea

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Has there ever been any discussion of linking multiple Patreon pages to a single Discourse instance? Would it even be possible?

There was some people discussing that, but this isn’t possible right now and neither planned.

Most people run a single Patreon campaign with multiple tiers, and that’s 100% supported.

And a successful campaign can generate enough content/community to fill a Discourse instance by itself.

Can you share your use case and the related campaigns?


We run a few campaigns specific to particular projects, eg a couple of podcasts. None is large, and we have no need of multiple communities. But neither would it work to combine the Patreon pages.

I was pretty sure this would be the answer, but I wanted to ask just in case. Thx.

It has been asked for once before, but doing so would be technically quite complicated.