Multiple posts delete unstable?

Sorry for my english, it’s a bit technical for me.

When I use the wrench then the following options : Select Posts... > delete selected after selecting 5+ posts, it’s buggy, sometimes

The first time I tried this : I selected 200+ posts, deleted it, but when I refreshed the page, they weren’t deleted.

After upgrading to the latest version, I didn’t try to delete 100+ posts again, I try a few at a time

  • If I select 10 or less posts, it usually works fine
  • if I select between 10 and 30 posts the selected posts have the deleted background (red in my case) for a few seconds then change to their usual background (white background)… But after a refresh they are in fact deleted.
  • If I select 30+ posts, the posts can stay undeleted. (EDIT : in fact, after a refresh one minute later, they are deleted. It makes sense, must be sidekiq who needs time)

It’s not an exact science, sometimes it works fine, sometimes not, it’s a bit weird.

Tested on Firefox and Chrome on latest Discourse version.

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There is a UI issue here with deletion, where it doesn’t always reflect what happens.

If you are selecting hundreds :exploding_head: of posts then that’s probably a server timeout instead.

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Deleting posts take a lot of time (up to several seconds per post). I did improve the user experience in


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