Multiple Private Conversations On Same Page

Hello, this software looks great. My needs are these. Let’s say I have 10 micro groups that all access the same online training course. Each micro group consists of 5 people. Is it possible to show a unique Discourse conversation thread for each micro group that is invisible to the other 9 groups?

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Welcome, Jeremy!

No. Not really. The recommended solution would be to create a separate category (and group to control access) for each micro group.

You might be able to do a crazy work around where people are set to ignore users not in their micro group (given that they will never need to interact with those not in their group).

It would take a custom plugin. I’ve not thought about it enough to know whether it’s a $500 problem or a $1500 one. If you have such a budget you can post in #marketplace.


Thanks Jay! I’ll keep tackling the problem mentally. There may be a way to accomplish what I am hoping to do. Not sure if discourse will allow this or if it would require unique forum-type private groups for this. I was thinking that there might be a way to allow access using tags or something like that, sync with ActiveCampaign or something like that. Thanks again for the help!