Totally Walled-Off Groups

I apologize for this question, as it must have been answered before. Just can’t find that answer.

I want to create three groups of people who use my Discourse instance. But I want members of a given group to ONLY see the posts, messages, categories, tags, members, etc., from their own group.

How do I set this up? Or do I need to have a separate Discourse instance for the kind of walled-off group I’m describing?

Thank you!

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You can make specific categories accessible to individual groups, but you can’t prevent members of group A from seeing members of groups B and C listed in /users or messaging them specifically.

PMs can be disabled site-wide though.

Your use case is too ambiguous to really make a recommendation, you’ve not said who these users are, if they’re coming from a different system, or anything really.


I apologize, but the use case is private. You’ll just have to trust me that it makes sense for my organization. :wink:

Thanks for replying, though!


If you have essentially three separate fora that you want to run on the same server, then you can use multisite:


Ah, thank you, Anrdrew!

You can turn off the user directory though?