Multiple SEO (meta title, description) tag issue

I have been working on the SEO fixes for the past couple of days and encounters that website(link: view-source: has multiple title tags.
Is there a way to fix it?

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Can you share more details around your question? Like what you mean by website has multiple title tags so anyone who reads it is sure of what you are asking and can better help. Adding screenshots of what you are describing would be helpful.

Also, adding details of what you were expecting but did not see and why it should be there would also be helpful.

Thanks for the reply,
the page ( on which I am working has multiple (exactly three) meta title and description tags. The ideal behaviour is that there should be only one meta title and description tag.

You can open the above page and check it on by viewing the “View Page Source”, screenshot for the same has been attached below.

All the above meta description tag are on the single page, this is impacting the SEO of the page, please suggest how can this be resolved?

That is because you injected all the extra description tags in your theme. Remove all of those and use only the site setting for adding a description.


Hi @Wasif_Ahmed_Shaikh

Could you resolve this problem by changing the theme setting to site setting? I am facing the same problem and want to fix this SEO issue. Let me know if you found a way around.

Thanks and regards

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