Multiple Staff Members and Flag Review Proceedures - Are there any voting mechanic for flags?

This idea has come up after some conversation about ‘uneven’ moderation, particularly between different members of our decently large staff (and rather sizeable daily volume of flags to review in our community).

Is there any means by which flags may be reviewed by multiple staff members before being acted upon? It would be helpful, particularly for our newer moderators, to regularly have additional eyes on a flag they’re reviewing without having to open up a new post to discuss each one.

In my head at least, this would be something along the lines of: once a flag gets two/three votes which either agree with a flag or disagree with it then it would be acted upon. This would allow for some small degree of consensus among staff before action is taken or a flag is ignored.

So my question - is there any means by which something along these lines can be achieved in settings?

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Unfortunately, having multiple staff votes on a flag before it is handled isn’t on our current development roadmap.

You might try having a convention to check with at least one other mod when handling flags, perhaps through a parallel chat system?


Thanks for the answer, wasn’t sure if I was just overlooking something. I’ll see what we can figure out procedure wise.

maybe setup some guidelines on how to handle certain flag reviews.

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