Multiples issues when invited to a chat channel

I was invited to a chat channel, on which I clicked on:

Clicking the notification led me here:

  1. First issue: only one channel (the one I was invited into) is displayed in the channels list, though I had two active channels.

  2. Second issue: I tried to react to a message with an emoji and it displayed an error message : “You are not permitted to view the requested resource”.
    (the red arrow and rectangle are explained below)


  3. Third issue: As you can see, while showing this error message, it also added me to the personal chat list for some reason :person_shrugging:

As for the error message, apparently, I couldn’t react to a message before I wrote at least one time in the channel. After writing a message, I could react to messages normally.

  1. Fourth issue: When I entered my first sentence and pressed Enter, there were two consecutive loadings, and also the other channel I had suddenly appeared in the channel list:

As a workaround you can navigate to Discourse Meta and click join. Then you do not have to write a message before reacting.

Something is odd here @joffreyjaffeux cause we should probably have a clear “call to action” when you click on an invite link. “Join Channel” should be somewhere prominent, we should also handle the “read only - till joined” better for channels you are have not joined (the reactions buttons should be handled more cleanly).

Thanks for raising @Canapin we will try to repro and refine here.


Oh @martin just cleaned up the error message a bit today which should help a bit.


From a UX point of view, my personal expectation was that reacting would be equivalent to writing and would result in joining the channel. If that is not the case, perhaps having the reaction buttons be invisible to a non-member would be appropriate to nip the issue in the bud.