Multisite installation ... in subdirectories?


I’m setting up Discourse in an environment where I need several distinct forums, and where the set of forums needs to be flexible to change over time. (Yes, I do need multiple forums; they serve distinct communities.)

The answer seems to be a multi-site installation, and I’ve made that work: I currently have a working configuration for multi-site, with split data and web containers, per Multisite configuration with Docker. (I have two hostnames, $hostname.$domain and discourse.$domain, which has worked in my testing so far.)

However, there’s a catch: I don’t have easy DNS control, so I cannot readily add multiple “real” hostnames. All the documentation I’ve thus far seen suggests I require this for multi-site, and a quick dig through the mechanism by which multi-site support is implemented suggests this is the case.

My ideal layout would be to have each forum sit within its own subdirectory; so discourse.$domain/forum1, …, discourse.$domain/forumN; and equally ideally, being able to serve those fora from the one web container, as existing multisite mechanisms do.

Empirically, I can successfully lift the “primary” forum into a subdirectory, moving it to discourse.$domain/forum, according to Subfolder support with Docker — but this seems to tie the web container to exactly that subdirectory and, in my experiments, badly upsets multi-site.

I’ve also tried shenanigans like massaging the Host: header going into the web container, based on the path at the host’s frontend web server, to no avail — I get a weird blend of multiple forums.

So: is there a neat way to do this? Can I get away with only one web container, a la multisite? Or will I have to wear a second web container? Will that behave badly given those containers would both be pointed at the same data container with no knowledge of the other? Or am I completely up the tree?

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At the moment we don’t have support for multisite and subfolder at the same time. It is something we may pursue if a customer wants in the future, and that we estimate to be on the big side of efforts.


If they’re all for the same base domain, my workaround would be to have * That way a single DNS entry would be all you needed.


Thanks, both! I don’t think I can stand up a star-subdomain now, unfortunately, so I think I’ll have to go with no multi-site and multiple web-frontend containers. (If I’d realised this before, I would have pushed to get a star-subdomain.)

I’d certainly love to see multi-site/subfolder support — in the (unlikely) event that I wind up with some time, I might have a look into it.

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