Must reply to see the hidden link / Content

Any feature or plugins that require to reply need for the thread to see the relevant link or content ?

We do not have a feature for this, and I do not believe there are currently any plugins for this either.

But really want to know is their feature for private PM thread rly users with pre-made massage each time they rly to thread as admin like sort

I’m sorry, I am not sure what you are asking.

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ex: I want to all the people that reply to the thread have to receive single PM from admin, every time new user reply to the thread I will send him PM , So is this possible like with already made Single Massage ?

You can use the Discourse Canned Replies plugin to save commonly used replies, but you would need to send it manually each time.


We had a conversation on email but it’s best we keep it here.

A year ago, I’ve developed a plugin that can hide content unless replied to the thread. You can find it here:

It allows a special markup like [reply-required][/reply-required] to encapsulate a content. The content reveals until the user replies to the thread. But it doesn’t hide information to search engines.

Along the way, I felt it’s cumbersome to design it even I had a client who used it extensively. Mainly reasons are:

  1. Visual clutter and has nothing to do with cultivating community, even though it looks like people engage.
  2. It takes quite effort to hide the information. And it takes more time to even load content. How does that benefit to community since content is the key.

For the very same reason, we have stopped to invest on it.

Despite the story, the plugin can be tweaked to work.


Hi , I am testing your plugin

but could not get the locked content anyhow

The markup should be [回复可见][/回复可见] (Chinese)

could you markup ex: with code /

Where should I put content to hide ? between those code

I would be happy to customize that if you had supported the development of this open source plugin. This is unique use case.

Actually I am not that much tec expert for programming , this plugins would save me ton’s of time, becasue this is my main strategy that I’m going to put into my forum. otherwise I’ll have to find another method,

If you have a budget for solving your problem you can post in #marketplace.


hi is there any solution or plugin which can do this ?
something like need a “Like” or reply to see hidden content

GitHub - fantasticfears/discourse-reply-required
this is not working with current rls.