"register to see" or "reply to see"

One of the best operation plan for a forum is hide some valuable content in the topic, for example, we can hide some useful download link for no-registration user.

The other way is hide something and let user to reply, after the reply the topic they can see the hidden content.

It’s very useful for some startup forum.

So anybody can tell me if it is a discourse plugin can do this ?

You don’t need a plugin. You can access the Login Required site setting here: example.discourse.com/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=login%20required. This makes it so only logged in users can view the content in the forum.

thanks you for reply.

Most of time, the content shared by users in most topics are ‘free’ to see, it’s good for everyone, but sometimes I need share some most valuable resources in specific topic, for these content, I want to let user reply to see it.

You might as well want to try private categories for specific groups, and manually add users to that group. Otherwise, a plugin will do.


Yes, that is work around solution. I will try this if I can’t find any plugin to achieve my function directly.

Thanks so much.

No need to manually manage it. Just make a Category private to Trust Level Zero(TL0) or above (which are automatically managed for you) and include an explicit reference to that category in a welcome topic or something to encourage people to sign up. That’s at least register-to-see if not reply-to-see



Thanks for replying.

With my request, the function is not in category level but topic level,

which means a specific topic in a specific category, I want set some contents “reply to see” and others free to see in this specific topic.

Ah. Sorry I misunderstood. But how can someone reply sensibly to a topic without already having seen it?


This is something for #marketplace. You might find people willing to create custom plugins that fits your needs. Otherwise, try my solution, or @merefield’s solution.


:two_hearts: Thanks so much @merefield @Chaboi_3000

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The idea is that you see the topic post but cannot see any of the replies until you have replied. Like the topic is “what’s your favorite movie” and you have to give your own answer before you can see anyone else’s. It’s a feature that I’d liked to have had when I was teaching with discourse.

This “feature” would make no sense. Without reading the discussion you have no idea what others have said or what the discussion is even about.


My example didn’t make sense?

It’s different from Civilized Discussion to be sure, but the other case is when the topic is an assignment or puzzle and you want people to submit their solution before seeing everyone else’s.


I get your example and it’s a good one. But would agree this is a stretch demand and probably plugin territory as previously suggested?

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Hi hers is my example,

I am running a forum for sharing some vlog skills and resources, so most of time, I will share some plugins and templates, like after effects video template.

For the user increasing of my forum, I hope user must reply/register to see the AE template.

So, that is my purpose.

So why not simply keep the ‘premium’ templates in a Category that is only viewable by members? Call the Category something like “After Effects Templates”

Later you might be able to monetise by actually charging to be a member of a specific group that only has access to certain Categories?

This is all possible today without additional build, why does this not satisfy your needs?


Or make it a password protected file and share the password in a “private-category”. If the solutions above are not satisfactory, feel free to create a new topic in #marketplace, where you can pay developers to fit your needs.

Because premium category is not simple enough for normal users, more steps means less users.