New Interface to Hide Category from Latest?

It seems that I can’t find this any more in the settings was this changed?

It’s gone. See Suppress category from latest topics gone

Oh wow. That is a big problem for us. This explains it well.

As for user configurability,

That’s a different issue allt ogether. Users could always navigate to the suppressed category to view it all. Now we can’t have this. This issue is how the latest page displays, not notifications/watching. I do NOT want the category to be muted by default, because that would overly suppress replies. I just want them not to be visible on the latest page.

Is there any chance this feature is coming back?

I see that there is a fix, with this plug in: GitHub - discoursehosting/discourse-suppress-category-from-latest

I am on a hosted plan. Can you please install this plugin for me?

Alternatively, is there any chance that @vinothkannans could make it work as a theme component rather than a plugin? Is that possible?

I think you are misunderstanding the mute category feature, it does not mute individual topics


Okay, what am I missing here. Will muting the category take posts off the the latest list? And how do I make it default muted for everyone?


The setting is called default categories muted in your admin settings. Once configured it will offer to apply the change to all existing users.


Okay this is helpful…let me look into it.

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Okay. this can work for us, but I do have one question.

What happens if a user has a category muted (not a topic) and their username is tagged in a topic created in this category? Do they get notified or not?

Thank you for helping me make sense of this.

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They get notified, the mute only applies to listing (unless they explicitly mute a topic)


Great. Okay. That solves my concerns. Thank you for helping me figure this out. You are right, I did not understand how muting worked. Sorry for raising the alarm :slight_smile: