Mute chat channels in the left sidebar

Following the same idea than this one: adding a X button to leave the channel

I think that it would make sense to give users the ability to mute channels (to stop seeing the dot :purple_circle: next to the channel name) … to stop being notified of new replies in the channel.



This is already possible, albeit less convenient to do.

Here’s how to go about it;

  • Toggle on the sidebar, if it is not already visible.
  • Tap on the :gear: icon in the ‘Channels’ header.
    • Hover-over the header to force the icon to appear if you don’t see it.
  • Tap on the :gear: icon in the card of the channel you want to mute.
    • Switch to the Settings tab if it doesn’t default to that (I would expect it to).
  • There will be an option to mute the channel.

edit: Here’s some direct links for convenience;

edit 2: I do like the suggestion in the OP, FWIW.

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I think we need a right-click context menu or something if we want to have easier access to various channel controls like this.