Mute tag in settings seems to be broken? The muted tag topics still show up in the /latest

The “default tags muted” setting together with “remove muted tags from latest” doesn’t seem to work.

The users can still view the muted tag topic in the /latest.

Could anyone pls check and confirm if this is broken?

@vinothkannans is testing out some issues with the new feature.

Vinoth any ideas here?


You may not applied the “default tags muted” site setting historically for all users. Please check whether existing users have the muted tags in preferences page (/u/USERNAME/preferences/tags) or not.

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This is my current setting. I was expecting that if I add “expired” tag and mute it, the topics tagged with “expired” will not appear in the /latest topic list.

What am I doing wrong here:

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Default though only applies to new accounts not existing ones.

Try removing the mute and re-adding it:

Then this will show up… click Yes


I was expecting the topics muted for “expired” tag for non-logged in users. So, this doesn’t work for users who are not logged in?

I want to exclude few topics not to appear in the topic list (/latest) for all users both logged in and non-logged in users.

Could you help me with the setting.


We should probably change it so default mute applies to anonymous @vinothkannans


Where can I find the option to mute specific tags for “anonymous” users.

I can’t find this in the tags settings :frowning:

If this feature needs to be developed, I think it will be a great addition to exclude topics for specific tags to not to appear in the /latest , /new topic lists for all users (including anonymous users).

At the moment, this exists for a specific category to mute for all users but the only problem is that we need to change the current topic category to something specific (like “Expired”) but this is not a desired user experience.

Thank you

There is no option, but we are considering making this default behavior. If stuff is default muted, anon should get that as well.


@sam Is this approved by your team and planned for one of the upcoming future releases?

Thank you.

Yes, it’s in my list :memo:


Now the default_tags_muted site setting will hide the muted topics for the anonymous users.


Thanks so much @vinothkannans :clap:

How do I get the latest changes to reflect on my docker discourse instance?

Go to the /admin/upgrade page and upgrade to the latest version.

I tested it and it is still broken for anonymous users (Not logged in users). The muted topic still shows up in the /latest :frowning:

I upgraded to the latest commit using the command line because /admin/upgrade page shows blank:

Muted tag in my admin settings:

Could you pls check.


@Moksh I added an another fix. It should work now.


Thank you so much. It works as expected.