Muted tags are shown in latest?


could anybody check if muted tags are not shown in latest please?

My settings:
remove muted tags from latest = always (as default)
default tags muted = tag1, tag2
No any tag groups. Both tags are shown in latest for logged users (regular and anon).

2.8.0.beta8 installed ( 0f598ca51e )

I did reapplying settings for all users as described in the similar topic, my case is the same but for logged users: Mute tag in settings seems to be broken? The muted tag topics still show up in the /latest - #18 by Moksh

The second question, If muted tags work normally, can I set personal exclusion in my profile to see muted tags?

I am sorry. Due to browser cache or some necessary delay needed… but muted tags become work fine. Please close and ignore the topic.