Muted categories showing for anonymous users

I have a site with a bunch of muted categories. These categories and topics are hidden when visiting as a logged-in user, but anonymous users see these categories (on /categories) and topics from those appear in /latest.


      <meta name="generator" content="Discourse 2.8.0.beta4 - version b673fee9464e823de3c3423a5f8c45732896b429">
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@vinothkannans I vaguely recall we dealt with this issue in the past, do you remember?


Yes, we pushed a fix for that. I will check the issue again.


Just checking on this. I upgraded to the current beta6 and the problem persists.

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@pfaffman I’m unable to reproduce this issue both in my development environment and personal site. It is working properly for me.

On /categories page, if a muted category has subcategories which are not muted then it will appear to display the list of sub-categories.

here is the old fix


Thanks for checking. I’m pretty stumped, then.

My best guess is that it’s something with the question/answer plugin, thoug disabling it didn’t change anything. I don’t see how a theme component could change that.

So here’s the issue.

If mute_all_categories_by_default is set, then it ignores the muted categories list. It’s giving me all categories if mute_all_categories_by_default, but obeys the default_categories_muted if it’s not.

This seems like a bug, to ignore the muted categories, or maybe it doesn’t make any sense to have muted categories if all categories are muted by default. But it would seem like if all categories are muted by default and there are no watched categories then it should show nothing?