Muted tags are still being emailed by mailing list

We’ve started training users how to mute tags. Muting does hide the tagged topics from the user’s Latest, but it still sends a mailing list email. Is this intended?

Here is the message when you mute a tag. It says “new topics”. We’re adding the tags to existing topics. Does that make a difference?


I see the long discussion at Visibility of topics when Muted from tags but don’t see any mention of mailing list.


Muting a category does prevent topics from being emailed to mailing list mode users, so it seems reasonable to expect the same behaviour from muted tags. Currently, muting a tag does not prevent topics with the tag from being sent to mailing list mode users.


Maybe we should fix this for 2.5 @eviltrout?


This was a pretty easy one:


@eviltrout , thanks for the quick turnaround, but this is not working for me. I’m at latest release +98 commits, which was several hours after this fix. I confirmed a member has a tag muted but an email was still sent. Can you confirm the fix is on master? Anything else I can provide?

The fix is in the master branch. I just tested it on my site and it’s working for me. Are you sure your site is up to date?


My version is:



If I click on the commit id, I get this.

(Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub))

I did the upgrade from the web UI- maybe I need to rebuild from the console?

It shouldn’t need a rebuild but it couldn’t hurt to try. It is done in a job and perhaps that job worker was not reset properly?


It’s working now. I didn’t rebuild or anything- seems like it took a day to start working.


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